Climate Change Ain't Nothing To Mess With by Cody Prez x Staten Island Arts

With record breaking temperatures, rising sea levels & extreme weather conditions across the planet have been a clear indication that something serious is happening with our planet. Hurricane Sandy in NYC & the weather systems that destroyed Caribbean & U.S. Islands this past couple seasons are also proof. Thus the inspiration for Climate Change Ain’t Nothing To Mess With! The piece also pays homage to the world famous music group from Staten Island, the Wu Tang Clan. The Wu shaped satellite image mural, speaks to the tremendous impact, serious natural weather related forces can have on our planet. No matter what race, religion, or cultural preference, mother nature can change you & your neighbors life in a matter of seconds. Many thanks to the 8th Grade Art class from I.S.61 for participating in our Climate Change & Mural workshop with Cody PREZ.