Shiro - Sticky Situation NYC

Shiro began painting in 1998 in Shizuoka, Japan. She has been expressing her own vision of the world and for life through her original characters “MIMI”. She decided to stay in NY and develop her talent as a graffiti artist. From 2002 to 2004, she lived in Brooklyn and Queens NY. As an international artist, she continues to be inspired by the strength and creativity of old-school hip-hop. Shiro has worked with many people in the hip-hop industry, organizing graffiti shows and participating in painting events. She loves traveling, painting, making friends and leaving footsteps of her existence all over the world.

She also has worked on canvases, illustrations, graphics design, and has produced her original clothing brand “BJ46”. In addition to her accomplished career as an artist, she works as a nurse and witness a lot of suffering and drama. The experiences from the medical field changed her prospective on life and she wanna express her message through her artwork: “Love life and live it to the max! We exists RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!”

◆”GRAFFITI NY HALL OF FAME” (NY Harlem 2004 2005)
◆”B-BOY BBQ” (Philadelphia Philadelphia 2004~2007)
◆US B-Girl summit “B-Girl Be” Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 2006 2007)
◆”Meeting of styles” (Mainz Germany 2007)
◆”Rock Steady Crew 30th Anniversary Party” (New Jersey USA 2007)
◆Bronx Museam Graffiti exhibition ”Made From Love” (The Bronx NY USA 2008)
◆”We B*Girlz!” World B-girlSummit official logo mark (Berlin Germany 2008)
◆Graffiti exhibition “Graffiti Gone Global”(Miami Florida USA 2009)
◆SUG Graffiti Tour (Melbourne, Australia/Auckland, New Zealand 2010)
◆Solo Exhibition “Graffiti Delight!” (The Bronx NY USA 2010)
◆Shanghai World Expo German Pavilion Guest Artist (Shanghai China2010)
◆Asian Graffiti contest “Wall Loads” Guest Artist (Shanghai China 2010)
◆NBA Street Art Exhibition “Art Of Basketball” (Miami Florida USA 2010)
◆SUG Graffiti Tour (Sydney, Australia 2011)
◆Solo Exhibition “MIMI’s Delight!” (Berlin Germany 2011)
◆Graffiti Art Exhibition “Graffiti Gone Global” (Miami Florida USA 2011)
◆”INDO-GERMAN HIP HOP & URBAN ART PROJECT“ (Mumbai&Kolkata, India 2012)
◆Solo Exhibition “Eternally MIMI” (LES NY USA 2012)
◆NBA Street Art Exhibition “Art Of Basketball” (Miami Florida USA 2012)