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The history of the black rose dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome when the fascinating flower was used as a symbol of power and strength. In the 19th century during the Victorian Era, the black rose grew in popularity through literature and the Language of Flowers, where people communicated using flowers with coded messages. Throughout time, the dark bloom has been a symbol of black magic as well as mutiny and resistance for anarchist and antiauthoritarian groups. The transcendent allure of the mystic black rose continues in today’s pop culture.


Just like the phrase, “when one door closes, another one opens”, black roses can imply the end of a meaningful time in your life, but can also be a lovely indicator of the start of something new. Signifying a rebirth or a major change, black roses are known to represent optimism and hope. Deliver black roses to their new office to inspire the “you-got-this” confidence needed for everyone’s first day on the job. A combination of significance and symbolism that will have them full of cheer, celebrate your college-bound kiddo by adorning the party space with floral designs highlighting their school colors of black and yellow (or orange, red, white or purple!).


Black roses can also declare feelings of eternal love. Looking for an awe-inspiring anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift? Order our luxurious red and black roses online for a mesmerizing arrangement gushing with zeal and true romance.


Black roses have also found their place in the fashion world, exuding sophistication. Timeless as the quintessential little black dress or crisp black suit, black roses emanate simple elegance. Incorporate black roses into hair pieces, boutonnieres or corsages for polished perfection.


All over print, 100% cotton, imported.