Spotlight Sessions with Kwue Molly

Kwue Molly

NYC Street Artist known as the “Urban Hippie” combines his life experiences and worldwide journeys through art & music to create his signature style! Every piece is a story expressed through visuals in specific details, theories & outlooks in life. We can only say, see it with your own eyes!

Mr.Tariq: Do you remember the first time you sprayed a can of paint?
Kwue Molly: yes! It was the 6th grade it was the first graffiti crew that I was ever down with M.D.I.B [Most Deadly In Battle] it was 3 dudes from the neighborhood I grew up in Mariners Harbor. I tagged a green fence on Lake ave with Silver Paint. Its probably still there?

MT: Do you have a favorite piece of art? Yours or anyone else.
KM: well not favorite but influential, would have to be this Chico burner with the Rabbit & voltswagon he did it in 85’. my mother brought my brother to the Planitarium in N.Y. then asked me what do I want to do and I said I want to drive around and see all art. Till this day that one of the pieces that always pops in my head, that burner in downtown Manhattan by the legendary graff artist Chico.

MT: where do you draw your inspiration from… in general…
KM: Life’s experiences, music influences… many things that I’ve done in my life… specific artist, I’d have to say Keith Herring and Andre Charles

MT: There are a couple of sides to Kwue Molly from what I’ve learned. One side is this dude who is passionate about colors, paint & wheat paste & creating super cool visuals on canvas & walls… then on the other side of Kwue Molly is the artist that creates through muisic.
KM: Basically Kwue Molly came from my Authorized Fam days when I started making music back in 1990. I was also coined Big O by the legendary Ghostface Killah, I worked on the Pretty Tony & Fish Scale albums. I’ve always been someone who connects the dots. Im an artist who tries to give it to your eyes as well as your ears.

MT: So you worked close with Ghostface?
KM: Very close, we actually lived together for two years composing the Pretty Tony album in Miami. I also toured with him and on occasion I DJ’d. I took the journey with the team to support the project and showcase my talent. It was a great experience.

MT: that’s super cool man, I believe that’s what being an artist is all about. Exploring ones creativity. You’ll never know what your capable of unless you challenge yourself to do something new or different.
KM: That’s always what has done it for me. When someone is being a critic or challenging me or doubting me.

MT: What was you most memorable Ghostface Killah experience?
KM: I’d say every night when we get home from the studio, it would be around 5am in the morn, but before we returned to the crib, we rode up and down the strip feeding homeless & hungry people. It was a humbling experience & that has remained one of the most memorable experiences. I know most people want to know about wild & crazy things with girls & bottles & cars but helping people is the realness in life.

MT: You must be feeling really good. You just won 1st place in Sticky Situation NYC. Tell us about that.
KM: Sticky Situation NYC was a great event experience for the summer. The guys from Richmond Hood Company said that I should participate in the show because it was the first of its kind in NYC & there were also artists from out of the borough, state & country. It sounded good to me so I submitted an original Zooty Head piece. That day, before the voting started, one of the other artist that showed in Sticky Situation NYC & myself were just talking about how we were just happy to be showcasing our work in this show. Next thing you know, they’re counting the votes to announce the winner & they call my name. Kwue Molly took it home!!! It was a great adventure & great experience.

MT: Yeah man congrats on that you deserved that win!
KM: Thank you man much appreciated.

MT: You talk about this place called Mollywood. What is that place?
KM: Mollywood is my world. It’s a world where artists can be free. No grips or handles, you can do whatever you want. I hooked up with a childhood friend who owns a factory somewhat like 5 Pointz, the unofficial graffiti walls of fame, but on Staten Island. It basically a world where you can create, you can paint, you can weld, cut, sand, chop or do whatever you want to do to get creative with. Its an artist friendly world & I open my arms to other artists who are looking to get busy.

MT: You mentioned 5 Pointz. You know they’re going through a difficult time right now.
KM: Yes, they’re trying to close it down. They need like 500k signatures to prevent that from happening. I hope it happens because 5 Pointz inspired me as an artist & also keeps my inspiration high for Mollywood. Artists need places like this to go to and create!

MT: So tell me whats next for Kwue Molly?
KM: I have a couple of things in the mix. I’m going to release a couple limited edition prints. “Blue & Cream” & “Wildflower”… two pieces inspired by my experience with Ghostface Killah. I plan on going to Sticky Situation in Denver later this year. You know I have to represent. I’m also working with RHC on some merchandise. You can check for more info & release dates.

MT: I had a chance to chill with Ghostface a couple of times. He’s definitely an interesting person. I think it’s pretty fresh that you’re going to be releasing those posters through RHC.
KM: Yeah man looking forward to doing more walls & more work, just keep expanding the tentacles…

MT: Yes indeed, like Rolando Brown would say GROW!