Coolin’ On Castleton 2016

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Hopscotch All Over Your Face

Always nice to see our Staten Island homies participating in really cool & creative projects. This go around, Stapleton native Nani Castle links with Queens born DJ & Producer, Nire & Washington Heights representative Maluca to collaborate on HOPSCOTCH! This song has a dark, feel good vibe that will help you get over your ex…

Inspiring Art

Staten Island has many different types of artists who are talented and create an array of beautiful work.One Of the artists I was introduced to was Kwue Molly an artist that has done work all over Staten Island. One of his murals is on Bay street of a woman drinking coffee which is very pretty…

Color Blind – Projectivity

Colorblind – adjective unable to distinguish certain colors, or any colors at all not influenced by racial prejudice   Port Richmond – The phrase “colorblind” has lots of connotations, and can be viewed as positive or negative depending on how it is used. In today’s racial climate, the idea of being “colorblind” lets us look…

Thomas Fucaloro – Shaolin Yacht Club

We get to see Thomas perform every month at the ADVANCED Open Mic night at Castleton Ave. This guy is amazing! Published on Nov 19, 2014 “Staten Island poet Thomas Fucaloro performs, There’s nothing worse than going to your sister’s dance recital, sober, from IT STARTS FROM THE BELLY AND BLOOMS in front of a…