Hey Dollface x Hello Kitty

Its been a month since we’ve brought women’s pieces into the store. Suffice it to say, it feels like we’ve learned how to do this women’s offering the right way… Same as our men’s offering, the selection is limited and exclusive. Check out some custom made jewelry from our good friend over at Hey Dollface.…


Around town with our dogs

“If niggas all dogs! then what you call broads? Felines in heat meowin’ for some yarn balls?”… A classic lyric for real, from one of our favorite groups. OUTKAST. Andre 3000/Mamacita. Album:Aquemeni. A killer song off a killer album! We want you to click this link and let this song play in the background as…


(Fun)d Raiser For Van Duzer Days

The sun gods blessed us with a beautiful day that led into a beautiful evening. The DINOSAUR WARLORDZ & In Buenos Aires turned Castleton Avenue into a stage unlike ever before. Our homies next door to us at Against Da’ Grain let us clear out the entire shop. Empty! Jeff Cinco of #DLZ started the…


Van Duzer Days Fundraiser

A couple of years ago the City of New York introduced a program that would help connect local businesses tap and their community. This would be in the form of a block party. However, not just any block would do for this type of party.

House of Vans Skate Jam

Monday June 20th, 2011 8pm-12am House of Vans in collaboration with Lush Life NYC Pre-Go Skateboarding Day Party/Skate Session Vans is throwing an invite-only event for retailers and their riders, and our friends involved in the industry. We’d like to keep it small so there’s room to skate and have a good time, so no…


Nooka Freshness

Perfect time of the year to snatch up a good timepiece for the active summer months. The  band and face size make this a comfortable wear for the skater, biker, swimmer athlete in all of us. zub zirc The Zirc display is the newest edition to the Nooka Zub collection.  The Zirc face combines the…


Nooka Recipies

Nooka and Silicone Zone have teamed-up to create something truly unique. Made out of food-grade silicone, this package is microwavable safe and can be used for cooking or as a container. The silicone container has a max temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit and is dishwasher/microwave safe. Look for the icon to find out if your…


Nike SB x Brookly Projects – Reign In Blood

Slayer Rules! The raising following of Thrash Metal during the 1980s formed an unlikely bond between the band Slayer, musical maven Rick Rubin, and the then upstart label Def Jam Records. While it remained till these days as the only “metal gig” to sign on with Def Jam, the unique partnership turned heads for the…


Free Maloof Tickets

We were giving away Free tickets to the greatest skateboarding event in NYC. Thanks to Mike T, Vans, Maloof crew & the whole 5 Boro crew, the afternoon was fun. Good game of Skate for Free COMPLETE from Keiser Boards. #POW! We put the Avenue In Castleton!

New Addition to RHC team

Right now we are trying to name this sweet blue eyed bitch! Can you help us out? We have something in mind. If your name is better than what we have or close to what we have you will win a free pair of sneakers. How you like them apples?! Posted from the space ship!