Fresh Fridays

Morning, y’all. For some of you who are just waking up out of your bed, couch, car seat, kitchen floor or whatever you like to consider a place of comfort, just let it be known that Friday has just arrived. Well, Fresh Friday to be exact and what way to start Friday off with an…



This is are our favorite shoe silhouette from the homies out west. The dirt bag crew over at HUF continue to drop pieces that are super clean and sought after by skaters and streetwear fiends the same. New this month is the Rain Camo Hupper and the Desert Sand Hupper.

FNO – M.O.B party @ Yotel

One of the benefits of selling the freshest brands is, you get to go to the freshest parties. Just like the one this past Thursday at the Yotel for Fashion Night Out. This party was to commemorate the 7th year anniversary of the very successful Married To The Mob brand. Many beautiful people came out…


Beats Rhymes & Life

The last time I experience this much head boppin’ during a movie was for Dave Chapelle’s Block Party! Its almost impossible not to when you hear an early Tribe Called Quest beat come through the speaker box. The bass lines vibrate through your vertebrae and shake all inhibitions from your spirit as the intro to…


Tribe Called Quest Nike SB Blazer

Nike SB has never been afraid to take album art as inspiration, and they are continuing down that path with the “A Tribe Called Quest” Nike SB Blazer. These sneakers mimic the album art from The Low End Theory, a cornerstone of classic 90s hip-hop from A Tribe Called Quest. The burning red swoosh takes…


Janoski Freshness

So Scotty comes into the shop yesterday and said “I didn’t even know you had these”… He was talking about a fresh pair of Janoski lows. Yes we do have what you’re looking for and some more… keep it local guys… #statenislandgetfresh

Vans Tudor Duffle II

Every so often we get a really good bag in the building. We travel and play and understand the need of a practical and functional bag. We think Vans hit this one right on. This all black 14 oz. heavy WDR coated canvas is exactly what you need for an extended weekend trip. Dual-zip opening…


Bullet Chess Set

Never mind the ’90s-era website from which it comes — the people were obviously too busy shooting their guns to worry with web design. The Bullet Chess Set ($300) is a completely unique set made from spent .223 bullet shell casings, which have been creatively cut, smashed, and otherwise manipulated into intriguing forms that are…