Show Some Love

If you’re considering a Valentines gift for your boo, please take due notice. Us gents take great pleasure in the simple things in life. Like a new sweater, shaving cream, hat or fresh new pair of kicks. The feeling you get from a fresh new pair of kicks is almost like when your girlfriend brings…


Hit Squad Ticket Giveaway

This is going to be such a classic show. If you love Hip-Hop and are familiar with this Golden Era Squad, then you may want to give this a shot. We are giving away tickets to see the Hit Squad reunion show at the Best Buy Theater in NYC. All you gotta do is answer…


Don in Cash Cab?!

Its always nice to see your buddies on TV. Especially when they’re killin’ shit and walking away with $2000. No he didn’t have to stick anyone up for it either. Good work Don! Congrats! BTW, Don probably put you in a couple of pairs of kicks at your local Richmond Hood Company a few years…


Brooklyn Brewery

I don’t know about the rest of the world but I believe that maple syrup is one of the best types of food accessory. It’s hard to disagree. Why? It’s sweet, sweeter than sugar but less calories, it taste good and it is healthy for you. Maple syrup contains many antioxidants which are good for…


Ohh Mona

You know its going to be a good day when you walk in and discover a sick art piece was brought over to bless the spot! The piece is called “Ohh Mona” by Chris Malfi from the Art Off Paper crew. ServeS as fresh weekend motivation. #STATENISLANDGETFRESH

Red Tails

Its not often that 4 of your fellow Staten Island homies are in serious Hollywood films. This is why we had to spread love and let you know about it. Make sure you go support Red Tails and look out for Kevin Phillips as Leon “Neon” Edwards, Tristan Wilds as Ray “Junior” Gannon and Method…


Custom 12″ Vinyl Wall Clocks

Do you know what time it is? No? These wall clocks can help you keep track of time and the hours you spend listening to your favorite albums. These custom clocks made from original 12″ vinyl records and sleeves. The hands are Quartz and Made In USA. The clocks are made by a local artists…


Welcome to the Funhouse!!!!!!

Do you remember a while back when I attended Hood Chef’s 1st annual Thanksgiving Dinner? Well, needless to say, the food was off the hook! Lucky for us, Hood Chef took over that same restuarant he hosted his Thanksgiving dinner at with intentions to serve the public his unique style of mouth watering food 7…


Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Hey, its NYC. Expect the unexpected (specially when seeing manimals walking the street on New Year’s Eve). Happy New Year, y’all!!!!!! Stay blessed, never stress!!!!!

Love From Japan

Its always inspiring when you get visitors from the other side of the planet say, “i’m visiting you from Japan”… Below is Kenta, on a 3 month vacation, skating through Staten Island, then headed to LA, San Fransisco, Seatle then back to Japan. Thats pretty fresh! Good dude too! Thanks for the yen Kenta!#internationalplayas