I don’t know about the rest of the world but I believe that maple syrup is one of the best types of food accessory. It’s hard to disagree. Why? It’s sweet, sweeter than sugar but less calories, it taste good and it is healthy for you. Maple syrup contains many antioxidants which are good for your immune system and, gentlemen, they say that it has many other benefits beneficial only to us males. I love using maple syrup on many things, besides pancakes of course, try it with peanut butter or fruits, however, I never knew that it could be used as a flavoring for beer. Not until now. I got an invite from the gentlemen at The Richmond Hood Company located in West New Brighton, Staten Island to go to The Brooklyn Brewery in Willliamsburg, Brooklyn for a beer tasting.

I was pleasantly surprised when the beer line up featured a new type of beer called Mary’s Maple Porter. As beer lovers know, porter is a type of ale of the dark variety and like the name suggests this porter is brewed with maple syrup. Thanks to The Richmond Hood Company, I had a chance to speak to the brew master, Mary Wiles, during the beer tasting and she informed me that Mary’s Maple Porter is just not a porter with maple flavoring, there is real maple syrup brewed into the beer and thus giving the porter that dark color and rich flavor. Ms. Wiles forgot to tell me that the alcohol content was fairly high although she probably knew that I would figure it out after a couple of servings. Four beers later I was ready to sleep it off. So, once again, I would like to give a thousand thank yous to The Richmond Hood Company for allowing me to experience the two things I am very fond of in one item…Mary’s Maple Porter.

Left to Right: Pretty Woman, Kevin (Phoenix), Mary Wiles & Jose Jacinto (RHC)

Hey, just a little fun fact…did you know that Staten Island has Sugar Maple trees located in Stapleton. That’s right beautiful people from Staten Island, you can start your own maple syrup business right here so we don’t have to go to Vermont or Canada to get that elusive fresh maple syrup and since there are so many people brewing their own beer, why not make your own maple porter? Maybe one day the people from The Richmond Hood Company can branch out in the maple and beer making business.

Jose Jacinto #StatenIslandGetFresh

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